From cord to chord

“Junk Culture” by OMD mashed together with “Nothing else Matters” by Metallica. The cover art itself is inspired by both original covers. Click image to listen!

Well, I thought I was finished with making mashups of songs (since it’s so 2010), however I couldn’t stop myself to put this piece together!
I call it “Cord Sculpture” and it is mashed up by the title track Junk Culture by OMD with vocals added by James Hetfield singing Nothing else Matters from the self-titled Metallica album.
OMD’s Junk Culture album was the main reason I got myself into electronic music and samplers in the first place. When it was released in 1984 it was the first real album I bought and I still love most of it 30 years later. This wobbling 4/6 beat instrumental track was so crazy and stylish filled with the newest music technology including the Fairlight sampler and the Linn drum machine in particular.
My opposite musical taste at the time was heavy metal, but the release of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” finally melt my heart. The beautiful verses and powerful choruses started a new era for Metallica that reached an audience beyond the most orthodox’s fans, and that was including me.
I thought it would sound great with these two musical worlds to collide in a mashup. There was a lot of pitch n’ stretch work to be done for the instrumental part, but just a little tempo change to make the vocals work (an almost-acapella found on youtube). Hope you will enjoy the track while we are all waiting for the remastered deluxe version of Junk Culture next year!