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W.A.S.P vs Siewert Öholm - Fack lajk ö bist! Mashup där hårdrock möter svenskt debattprogram.
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OMD - Tesla Girls - Alternating Current Mix . Fan remix in old fashion style. Läs mer HÄR.


Justin Bieber vs Foreigner - I wanna know what loveyourself is. Mashup with Justin Bieber’s vocals over Foreigner’s instrumental. Read more here.

What OMD and Metallica have in common - a mashup called Cord Sculpture. Read more here!

Malibu - Live at Radio P4 30th of april 2014. Read more here!

Malibu Night club heart break over pumpin’ bass and a disco beat.
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Now Or Never II (King Mix)
2012 version of the cut’n paste, pitch ’n stretch experiment of
Elvis voice.
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Dancing Like ΠWindmill
Retro pop song. Read more HERE!

Rihanna vs Rickfors - Only Girl vs Vingar
Fan Mashup. Read more HERE!

OMD “History of Modern (Part 1)” The Mood Version
Fan remix of the OMD single.

OMD “If you want it” (The Christmas Rap Version)
Fan remix of OMD’s came back single. Read more HERE!

Now Or Never II
Some kind of cut’n paste, pitch ’n stretch to bring
Elvis back to life.
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Hard Day (Apollo mix)
Fan mashup of two of OMD’s songs from the 1984 album Junk Culture.

Out Of Your League
Swede reggae pop.

Laughing Out Loud
Pure retro pop.

You Are My Man
Cover version of
BAO and Helene Sjöholms Du Är Min Man, inspired by ABBA’s Waterloo.
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A Lennon/McCluskey mashup.
Fan mashup of the John Lennons Imagine and OMD’s Then You Turn Away.

OMD - Sailing on the Seven Seas (A Happy New MMIX)
Since I think the official remixes of this track differed too much from the original, I made this fan remix.

Kissing On The Seven Seas
Fan mashup of
Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl and OMD’s Sailing On The Seven Seas.

Humping Loud & Clear
mashup of Black eyed peas and OMD.

Apologize the Tesla Girls
Fan mashup of
Timbaland/One Republic’s Apologize and OMD’s Tesla Girls for your friday after works.

She’s Leaving (Exploited mix)
Fan remix of OMD’s bitter sweet masterpiece from 1981.

OMD Architecture & Morality (Dance mix in vertical take-off)
Fan remix of OMD’s experimental soundscape in a more dance style.

Remix of the signature of SVT's most culture magazine.