Rihanna vs Rickfors

My latest mashup featuring Rihanna vs Rickfors -
"Only Girl vs Vingar"
No one can have missed that
Rihanna's "Only Girl (in the World)" topped the chart lists all over the world 2010-2011.
The song is written by
Cristyle, Sandy Wee and Stargate. The latter is a producer team from Rickfors' neighbour country Norway, and perhaps the verses from his "Vingar" has influenced the team when they wrote "Only Girl (in the World)".
The Swedish rock singer, songwriter and guitarist Mikael Rickfors released "Vingar" 1989 and is probably his most well known hit. He started his career in the late sixties and became the lead singer of the Brittish band The Hollies in the early seventies. Solo projects followed after that as well as the band Grymlings, a Swedish version of The Traveling Wilburys,
You can also listen and download the mashup