Svensktoppen Nästa

Last Wednesday was the time for my song Malibu to compete in the P4-competition "Svensktoppen Nästa". The winner’s song will be played as prior act on the P4 's A-list and there will be a opportunity to participate in Melodifestivalen as well. The event took place at Olsbergs Arena in Eksjö. I was among five part-finaist's and I performed Malibu live in front of an audience of about 400 people and a jury. To my help I had Marcus "Mackan" Kvist on guitar and a prerecorded back track.
My vocal performance was to say the least a big belly flop of epic proportions! I was unable to put the notes right, partly because of lack of talent, and the fact that the original recording of the song is an orgy of autotuning excesses that are very hard to reproduce live.

The winning entry was
Dan Feiff's song "You do not have to tell me".
Of the five participants I ended up at the jumbo position when the jury and audience had announced the result of their votes. However, I will get a second chance to participate in the county finals when the show is broadcasted on the radio at the
19th of May, 11:03. Listeners will be able to put one more participant in the county finals.
I will have mixed emotions to hear my out-of-tune vocals broadcasted to
approx 100,000 listeners over the county. Prepare to have a pillow handy, because the chances are high that you will feel ashamed on my behalf when you hear the song!
I’ll be back!